Dems + France = War. What's up with that?

Wilson, The Great War, Liberate France

Roosevelt, World War 2, Liberate France

Truman, Vietnam, Support French Interests (1950’s)

Johnson. Vietnam, Support former French colonists (1960’s)

Obama, Libya, France requests protection for former French administered colonists.

Maybe that is why I think the politics around this war of intervention stinks like the politics of war in Vietnam.  Maybe it is because even Obama realizes cuts to the military industrial complex are cuts to the remaining unionized workers, who are nearly government employees because their jobs depend on government procurement.

Or maybe it is the smell of a the Dean Rusk, Robert McNamarra, Harvard boys,  ticket punching,  we don’t have a purpose but we like to exercise our skills way of managing the wars. Maybe it is the lack of interests that Johnson and Obama have in winning or their inability to even define victory. Rather that are obsessive about “containing” collateral political propaganda damage.  Only in this remake the role of Rusk and McNamarra are played by Clinton and Gates, two more Democrat political operatives not quite at the top.

Or maybe because Obama’s excuse for escalating this war stinks of lies, and is more flimsy and certainly as frauduelent as the Tonkin Gulf incident. After all the slaughter is still happening and ethnic cleansing is being done under Obama’s watch.

Or maybe it is because the ethnic cleansing being carried out by the rebels we support is acting against black people in Libya simply because they are black. I can’t hate Barrack Obama for his ties to black racists, but there is something horrible about the idea of the first black president participating in a massacre of black Libyans and using our troops to defend it. The stink from that may never wash off, and it could be decades before America regains the respect of the world that Obama has tainted.

Johnson never was able to admit he made a mistake, which lead to more mistakes, more deaths, and more disrespect for America and the great American miltary. McNamarra warned him in the mid sixties, if we continue to escalate the war we will be in the same place only at a much higher level in the future. Higher level of cost that is in blood, dollars and lost respect. Like Johnson, Obama presses on with his agenda, like ObamaCare, even when the country is against him,  proving that President Obama like President Johnson can’t admit a mistake. Johnson showed that an arogant president distracted by political unrest at home is a very dangerous Commander in Cheif because the people that pay for his mistakes are the young men and woman they he sends off to be maimed and killed. Simply because he will not entertain the idea that he might be wrong.

And that really stinks.