GOP What does is stand for?

We elected GOP candidates because we thought they stood for the same things we do.

On the Hugh Hewitt radio program representative Jack Kingston makes Arlen Specter noises, excusing away the CR  that does nothing.

Jackson tries to put out a bunch of BS about how they have a strategy. The strategy is they aren’t going to do anything until fiscal year 2012. We sent them to Washington to stop the spending now. Pelosi sucker punched America with Obama Care. We sent the reinforcements they needed to punch back and what is it they want to do? They want to wait until FY2012 to cut spending. They want to pass a bunch of symbolic bills so they are “on record” for something. Bills that have no chance of being enacted into law. They are going to let the Democrats rack up 1.5 Trillion dollars in deficits. Funding they have to authorize since the 111th congress didn’t pass a budget. What is the point? When they propose a budget with 1.2 Trillion in deficits they can say they cut spending.

Then representative Jackson, when pressed to the wall by Hewitt starts spouting about entitlement reform. That is all well and good but here is the thing. If you mean cutting Social Security now, then you will NEVER GET ELECTED. And if you mean cutting entitlements for the future that has NOTHING to do with the CURRENT 1.5 Trillion dollar deficit.

Breitbart has the audio. If you want to understand what we are up against listen to the audio. You can here Jackson squirming. Hewitt is mad, and we are all mad, but Jackson some how thinks that it is because we don’t get it.

GOP: Group of Pansies.

H/t Hugh Hewitt show
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