Spendthrift Republicans, still not the right change

The vote yesterday on H.J 48 proved the Nancy Pelosi is a great political leader. I do not like her politics but she makes the speaker of the house, and all the leaders of the Republican party look like a bunch of juveniles. She is leading them like silly school boys into a trap that will guarantee that the speaker’s gavel will return to a Democrat.

It’s not complicated.
1. There is no budget. Therefore you cannot assign responsibility to the Democrats for this spending. It is all authorized by Republicans. In fact, almost twice as many Democrats as Republicans voted against yesterday’s spending. 104-54

2. Last month there was a record deficit. That is because Republicans choose to spend that money. Can’t blame the Democrats, they are just going along with the majority.

Here is the Democrat campaign slogan that is being written by the boys in knickers blindly being led into a trap by Nancy Pelosi, like sheep to slaughter. Since the Republican’s took over Congress America has been faced with record deficits, can we really afford to give them control of any more of the government purse?

3. Sometime this month America will come up against the debt limitation. Republicans will face a dilema. If they vote against raising the debt ceiling, the Democrats rightly will castigate the Republican leadership for irresponsible spending. If they choose to raise the debt ceiling they will admit they are spendthrift and give the Democrats validation to the need to keep spendthrift Republicans in a minority.

Like this or not, the voters swelled the ranks of the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi immediate set about doing everything she promised to her constituents. This pissed off a lot of people including many that voted for Democrats. She rewarded her long time supporters and fellow radicals with the big government, big spending programs they want. This took courage. And when she lost control she laid a trap for the next Congress so she could make them look stupid. That was smart. Pelosi takes a lot of heat and ridicule but she has the courage of her convictions and  never falters in the face of adversity.

Voters swelled the ranks of the republican party and the Legacy Leadership in Washington doesn’t t have a clue what to do. Republicans spend all their time trying to stay under the radar. They seek acceptance from an adversarial media that they can never get, they abandon their base, they have no convictions and seem incapable of courage.

America today is at a cross roads. No lesser an event then the challenges facing America that brought about the creation of our grand old party. In the 1850’s the Democrats fought valiantly in Congress to extend the rights of freeman to retain their slaves. Today, Democrats are fighting for the rights of organized government  employees to retain control over the productive output of tax payers to provide for the same largess once enjoyed only by plantation owners.

It is a battle for the survival of our country. We must win against the most incidious Democrat party body of rules since Jim Crow, or be enslaved to an organization of geovernment, police and politicians living high off the hog on our income through draconian taxation and organized government extortion. Who is leading this battle for us?  Hugh Hewitt on his radio show aptly described the Legacy Leadership of Boehner as the Republican’s McClellan.  Extremely accurate, as McClellan was a tremendous organizer and leader who trained a strong army, but had an overwhelming fear of engaging the enemy. Personally I prefer the term Legacy because it is something more current. Like legacy hardware and legacy software something your are stuck with until you can replace it with a more modern, faster, better and more productive version. But the comparison of cowardice in the face of any opposition by Hewitt is very accurate.

There is a rumor that the president will veto any spending bill that cuts the size of government. It is only a rumor. I am not so sure it will happen, because if the President shuts down the country AND if the Republicans played their cards to insure that the needy and the elderly continued to receive benefits as well as making sure interest payments, the military and critical services like the FAA continued to operate it could be devastating to the special interest supporters of the Democrats. Even if we cut spending by 40% the Democrats have to remain involved as the protectors of their special interest constituents.

But for that the Republicans need a General Grant. And from the looks of the potential leaders in the Republican party that general probably doesn’t wear pants (unless they are part of a pants suit).

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TRADITIONALISM: A philosophy that government should function with a respect for the limits of it’s own authority taking priority over all other considerations.

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