Hung up on Legacy issues

How important is eliminating the funding for Planned Parenthood? From the calls by conservatives you would think that this is a budget buster.  The question here is can legacy Republicans in leadership be trusted to run the country any better than the Democrats. Or do they simply want to run it off the rails in a different direction?

Last month, February 2011, the US set a one month deficit spending record at $223 billion dollars. While Congress debated cutting $60 billion which was laughingly countered with 6 billion dollars in cuts by the democrats.

There is no budget. Stop worrying about Planned Parenthood. Next year’s budget is time enough to worry about legacy conservative issues. Right now we need to concentrate on simply reducing funding across the board. Foolish legacy Republicans play right into the Democrats hand giving them an Alinsky moment to fire up their base.

What we need from the Republican leadership is real budget cutting. Let me explain how this works.

1. Force an across the board reduction in spending by every domestic department that survives being eliminated. Something along the lines of an amount that would bring spending below 20% of GDP

2. Remove all funding for OmamaCare implementation

3. Remove all funding for items passed in the lame duck session.

4. Recall Eric Holder or at the very least tie him up in committee meetings for the next two years.

5. Block grant all funds for EPA and the HHS then eliminate the departments entirely.

6. Fix the Justice department through spending cuts and restrictions, so they spend their time enforcing laws and not suing states.

The future direction for the country is to return of control over domestic issues to the states. Making the focus on planned parenthood just plays into the fears and prejudices of the Democrat base. Before Roe there were always places where abortion was legal. And there will be places where it is legal still even if Roe had been overturned. Put it in terms of getting Washington out of your life and you might be surprised how much support the idea gets. Then conservatives can concentrate on local politics where they can achieve greater success.

There are a lot of things government in Washington shouldn’t be spending money on, and Planned Parenthood is only one of them. It falls into the same category as NPR and ACORN. If you focus on cutting the “no budget” spending, these things will take care of themselves.


Traditionalism: A philosophy that government should function with respect for the limits of it’s own authority taking priority over all other considerations.