Calling for all governors to ban mandatory union participation

The Legislators of Wisconsin decided to channel Reagan, and deal with the trouble makers. The protestors storming the capital are nothing more than a a bunch thugs attempting to use violence and terror to achieve what they can’t get through legitimate means.

It shows that government union affiliated employees should not be trusted with our money, our safety and especially with our children. But it isn’t fair to blame everyone that is a union government worker, because in places like Wisconsin people who worked for the government didn’t have a choice.

The single most important thing we can do for this country is to end mandatory participation and automatic dues collection by government employers. If the Tea Party insisted on mandatory fees be paid by all government employees as a condition of work everyone would call that what it is a corrupt bribe. But unions that are very political active can get away with this and that needs to end.

Until that time a lot of very good people will get smeared by negative publicity caused by the behavior of a limited number of union thugs. But until union membership is voluntary there is no valid way to separate the thugs from the public servants.

On behalf of American voters who want to believe in government, but can’t reconcile our love of country with the egregious behavior of the unionized government workers we ask each and every governor to ban collection of union dues, and ban mandatory union participation in all levels of state and municipal government.