Paranoia or why the TSA union deal bothers me.

A while back, before Barack Obama became POTUS, he suggested that America would be better off if they had a national police force equiped, funded and trained like the American Military. What a hoot! Candidate Obama said explained it was about reducing crime and being safe on the streets.

Then the TSA starts getting agressive. They are aggresive in air ports. They are getting agressive in rail road stations, word has it they are looking at other forms of transportation that need protection. Subways and elevated trains, bus terminals, etc. Where will this end.

The Super Bowl?

Now this is no longer so funny.

What’s next?  TSA goons at the local shopping mall, in the high school hallways? Road blocks? Papiere bitte?

Where is Congress on this. We need to eliminate funding for the TSA government employed unionized work force. The TSA has become a threat to liberty and it is time for Congress to dismantle this business of turning every bureaucracy into a union employment program for progressive voting adults. Obama and his army of Czars is creating a shadow government of unionized workers that has more control then the elected officials. Now the TSA appears on a path to be a large part of that police force that Candidate Obama proposed. They have the power at the very least can shut down the liberty of travel we have long enjoyed.

If the TSA morphing from a never to be unionized, free from political control agency of safety into a progressive owned unionized thugacracy was an isolated incident, then I wouldn’t be so worried. But there is nationalized healthcare, and interference in every aspect of our lives.  There is TOO MUCH  to ignore.