Tactics on applied power - DEMS vulnerable on this:

The President is vulnerable here:

I am proposing that starting this year, we freeze annual domestic spending for the next five years. This would reduce the deficit by more than $400 billion over the next decade, and will bring discretionary spending to the lowest share of our economy since Dwight Eisenhower was president. -State of the Union Address. January 25 2011

Jason Mattera has a great post on Red State (Video; Gutting Federal Spending ) that shows that the president is either confused, lying or delusional unless he thinks we are stupid. This dramatic cut he promises amounts to practically nothing. Jason’s post is a “must see” for details and talking points. Hiding behind words that are not what they seem is what Obama does best.  He will say things that sound good, maybe get applause and people will think that he is concerned with the same things they are. But the words have less substance than is implied and are used in a context that will deceive all but the most careful, Obama has promised to cut spending, but his promise is hollow. The public doesn’t really know how hollow.

This is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY!  And our goal at undo4me is to turn golden opportunities into tactical plans to take back our government.


  • In the Senate we have Pat Toomey who is someone who can play the role that Ted Kennedy played for the progressives. He has introduced legislation that will deliver on the promise people think President Obama made in the state of the union speech.
  • In Congress we have a large number of people we can call on. Two outstanding representatives are Tom McClintock who has introduced legislation that mirrors the Senate initiative by Toomey and Michelle Bachmann who can draw cameras to a congressional investigation. 
  • Sarah Palin is one of this country’s greatest organizers. Most important she is an outsider. She has the ability to play the Sharpton role for the vast silent majority and bring intense media attention to the desires of this group. No one else comes close. 

This is a a powerful forward unit. With Sarah Paiin in the outside populist role, Toomey and McClintock in the legislative support role and Bachmann playing the part Charlie Rangel played, the inside agitator investigating everything we have a team that could turn the tables on the progressives. And most important the progressives have handed us a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY by promising more than they meant to promise!  


  • Repackage the marketing for The Fiscal Integrity act as bipartisan support for the president.  
  • Brand the effort as making Obama as good as he sounds
  • Strike hard at anyone that pushes back in terms of we support the Presidents INTENT
  • Open investigations into any agency, department, bureaucrat, political appointee, czar, or media representative that dares to challenge President Obama’s promise to the people 
  • Use every opportunity to beat home our actions in terms that make the progressive live up to their own ideals and the President live up to what he let the American people think he promised.

The progressives will fight back by personally attacking the integrity of the people involved, and all their supporters. But Republicans control the POWER OF CONGRESS. After decades of being able to say and do anything without scrutiny or consequences they will not be prepared for Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin skewering them in committee meetings and the press. This will make “sort of progressive” groupies take to the woods and hide. It will undermine weaken the progressives offense and put them out of the comfort zone. Putting them on the defense will make them look foolish, deceitful or manipulative none of which will play well with the public. It will open cracks in the power base that have kept democrats fused to the progressives. That can lead to the passage of the bill in the Senate, and passing that bill is the single greatest act that Congress can do to roll back the progressive bureaucratic nightmare. Let Obama choose between signing a wildly popular bill with bi-partisan support or admitting he is a deceitful liar who has mislead the people by vetoing it.


  • Republicans are more concerned with Palin and Bachmann getting good press then they are in using their power then in taking back America.
  • Democrats will argue that it cuts into programs that will make old people die, starve women and children, increase crime and cause global warming, The simple answer is the bill does none of these things, it simply delivers on the presidents promise to freeze spending. The people know that the hard work to make this happen will not start until the limit is imposed. Everything else is left for the President, Congress and the Senate to work out later in their new bi-partisan can do spirit! 
  • Republican leadership is more interested in sitting on their hands for two years and waiting for an election and will squander this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. 


  • A few Democratic Senators see that hand writing on the wall and join the Toomey. It either passes or Harry Reed has to filibuster it, opening himself to a constant stream of attacks.
  • Pushing back against progressives with the same tactics they used will open up the democratic party to fracture along special interest lines and expose opportunities for additional attacks.
  • The investigations into the various departments will uncover connections to the causes of the weak economy* that point clearly to bad policy and bad decisions by the administration.
  • Investigations into various appointees and decisions by the heads of departments will uncover opportunities to dethrone numerous czars and to de-fund numerous efforts if not who agencies and departments
  • Progressives and their groupies who have expected a free pass for anything they say or do will suddenly find that they are the subject of unwanted attention or ridicule. This will weaken there base by making it less safe and less appealing to be associated with is fast becoming America’s political pariah

For decades now progressives have controlled the agenda and implemented a long term strategy to put governing in the hands of un-elected officials. Undo this for me!

Where to find Jason Mattera’s post on RedState
Where to find the text of the PresidentsState of the Union AddressWhere to find our endorsement of Senator Pat Toomey, OUR Undo4me Champion of Spending Cuts  


Please contact our champions and send them emails, contributions suggestions and enouragement. We need these Champions to pick up the gauntlet and take to the fight.

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