SOTU: A laundry list of progressive failures

No, I did not watch the President give the speech. He is an actor, acting like a President. I tried but couldn’t get past the feeling that I was back in college being lectured by some arrogant bow tie wearing tenured professor that knew everything, pushing some absolute fact that over the last four decades has also turned out to fail the test of time. Of course that was only a few years after man first set foot on the moon, and lots of things professors put forth as the only possible truth turned out less than advertised. 


That said, I did study the transcript. I don’t care about the impact, his delivery, or the staging. I know he can deliver a good prepared speech, like any actor. I care about the written document that will form the basis of his call to action. 


The Democrats are vulnerable. President Obama practically handed us all the tools we need to bring the Progressive Era to an end. He gave us a list of everything wrong with Washington politics. He even alluded to the paradigm shift that created the era of Big Government and Federal Domination of Domestic Policy, implying in his own words that the has been another a paradigm shift in politics. He has a different vision of the new paradigm, but we can ignore that.  


This is our challenge for the next two years. 

  • Stop the out of control spending. Restore sanity and cut the power and size of the federal regulatory bureaucracy. Put prosperity first.
  • Use the opportunities we are given to break the strangle hold of the progressives on the media.
  • Take every opportunity to expose progressive actors, actions and results.


This State of the Union speech could not have made anyone happy except the teachers unions. He handed us numerous opportunities to expose the truth about progressivism, about the failures of the past and risks to our future prosperity. The 111th Congress has been handed the power to expose the dark underbelly of the progressive movement, the damage it has done, and the changes we must make to compete in the new world that Obama describes. Congress must use that power!  

Congress can start by investigating anything the 110th Congress that did not have full Republican support.

  • Who are the appointees that are running the government, the Czars as the media calls them. 
  • What are the impacts of the decisions these unvetted political hatchet men and women are having on our prosperity.


This Congress and the pro-liberty media has the power to turn the tables on the progressive opportunists, the progressive dominated main stream media and most importantly the casual supporters who go along because it is appears popular. You destroy unwarranted support for progressives by using every opportunity to expose anyone that is careless. Progressive opportunists have come to expect that they can say anything and do anything without consequences. There MUST be consequences. Not policies or laws, we don’t need more policies and laws, and we have enough political correctness. We need to put intense scrutiny on their words, deeds and actions that exposes the weaknesses of those who are careless enough to assume there will be no consequences. Let them overreact. We must give the progressives the opportunity to have their Montgomery moments. Let them turn loose their dogs and fire hoses on us for our peaceful protest against their prejudices and the corruption of their policies.



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