The need for an Ecomomic Impact Study

The benefits of environmental regulations to America have been funded by prosperity. It 2008 Americans voted to end prosperity. But without prosperity there will be no money available, no reserves to call on and no interest in environmental protection. The solution to finding a balance is to develop a model for an economic impact study.

This is particularly important in light of the Obama’s administrations implementing an Army of regulatory “CZARS” to impose by regulation what the American people will not accept as legislation. Even the Democrats have to admit that tax dollars are required to pay for all their social programs. Without money there won’t be health care, just health care regulations. Without money there won’t be environmental protection, and people won’t be protected from exploitation.  In fact, without prosperity, Americans won;t control how the resources in this country are developed. Unless something changes that will be left to the Chinese who do not have a good track record in their own country and once the own everything aren’t going to be more concerned about ours.

The solution is an economic impact statement, required before any change in a regulation can be implemented and required of all regulations that are in existence. The purpose of the impact statement is to assign values that have to be offset before the regulation can be implemented.

Example. The current moratorium on offshore drilling. There are numerous environmental impact requirements. The ban should be subject to an economic impact statement. If the interior department was forced to prepare an economic impact statement for the regulations banning off shore drilling, and then provide a plan to offset the costs before implementing these regulations we would still have oil coming in and 20,000 or so direct employees and tens of thousands more indirect business employees would not be suffering.  The economic damage of this decision is huge, in lost revenue contributions to the GDP, lost tax revenue, increased energy costs to citizens, large direct government expenses for unemployment and other services all of which are the result of this regulatory decision.

An economic impact statement would make this clear and change the focus of the discussion from what might happen if there was another oil spill to what will happen if we don’t let business do what it does. After all, in spite of the oil spill, there hasn’t been a real serious disaster, a few things are spoiled, and BP has paid a ton of money. What is killing the region are the bans on Drilling, and Fishing. The economic impact study would make that clear and make it possible to fight back against a dictator bent on destroying American Prosperity.

Who wants to be the UNDO4ME hero in Washington? Force the Obama CZARS to justify two years of regulatory confiscation and bring back prosperity.  Is there a Tea Party supported candidate who will UNDO this for me?