Socialized Med from the Republicans

Two points.

1. Someone pays for people who have no limit on insurance or do not have insurance now. If they are poor, it is charity or the government. If the are working class, or middle class they make payments, sell assets, or do without, if they are rich, they pay cash. Of those sources of funds one is born by the entire public through taxes. Government paid health care is a tax burden on us all. The key word there is ALL.

Making insurance companies accept users regardless of pre-existing conditions is a form of cost transfer from the public to working people. There is another term for that, it is a hidden tax. Rich people that aren’t insured or government employees don’t feel this increased cost. Only private sector employees and business people who actually see their insurance payments taken out of the paycheck see their take home pay diminished. If the Republicans raise income taxes, or force insurance companies to ignore pre-existing conditions, the cost will be born by the private sector employees who pay taxes and insurance. Either way it is a tax on them. Shame on the Republican leadership.

2. Eliminate restrictions to buying insurance across state lines. This is the fastest way to a federal insurance mandate. Here is the problem. The “restrictions” is the requirement that insurance companies meet state financial and regulatory requirements as a condition of license to sell insurance in a given state. The state insurance regulations and regulatory agencies verify that the company is reliable, finacially responsible, and viable. The difference between Bernie Madoff promising great returns on money you gave him and Prudential delivering life insurance payments after your death is one of confidence. One is a scam, the other a regulated insurance company. There are fifty insurance regulating entities watching every company that wants to do business in their state. We all know it was only the fed’s were watching Madoff.  

Here is the problem. Under this absurd idea of letting people buy insurance across state lines I can set up an insurance company in any state, and as long as I don’t sell policies in that state, I am unregulated. I could collect millions in premiums from young people, with little regard for actuary sciences, and it would be a while before my payments for benefits exceed my intake. I could misuse the funds, misappropriate the funds and the disappear when it came time to pay. Why? Well, since I don’t have to be licensed to sell insurance in any state other state I don’t have to submit to regulatory oversight in any state except that state where the business is headquartered. And since I am not selling in the state where I am headquartered, I don’t need regulatory oversight there. This is a set up for scam artists. Ala Bernie Madoff. Feds made that easy and he took the public. In the end, the only way to protect the public from insurance scam, once you neutralize state regulatory capability is federal oversight. And since the feds can’t multitask, that would mean forcing everyone to sell the same limited range of policies at roughly the same price. That is the basic definition of ObamaCare so this idea of removing barriers to buying insurance out of state is nothing more than a back door to national health care. (Or somebody has been talking to Bernie and looking for ideas)

Consider this an open appeal to Washingtonized Republicans, That includes everyone that was elected BEFORE 2010. You don’t get it! We don’t want you to solve our problems. Washingtons efforts are the problem. What we want from Washington is for you to undo things. You will not get re-elected by }doing” more for us. If you want to get re-elected think “UNDO”.

What did you UNDO for me today?