Labels do not lie - NOT made in America

Everything from the food we eat to the appliances we depend on used to be made in America. Not anymore. In response to the very real and very accurate predictions by Sen Inhofe that America would even loose more of it’s remaining manufacturing jobs,if EPA rules to force industrial, commercial and institutional boilers and heaters to use “maximum achievable control technology” to reduce harmful emissions were implemented  EPA spokesman Brendan Gilfillan wrote in a written statement reported by Fox News

But the doomsday predictions we hear now are the same sort we have heard every time EPA has taken any step to implement the laws that Congress wrote to protect Americans from pollution in the air we breathe and the water we drink.Experience has consistently proved those doomsday predictions wrong for the past 40 years.”

It appears to me they were not wrong. Manufacturing has been the driving force that built the middle class in America. Sure, the sons and daughters of the successful go off to New York and Washington where they become extremely wealthy speculating on Wall Street or lobbying on K street, but it is the blue collar jobs that drove this economy. It is the smoke stack industries that made America the great country that it is.

And the truth is, the majority of those smoke stack industry jobs have been driven out by the regulatory excesses of the Washington bureaucratic industry. A regulatory industry created, funded and foisted on America by well meaning but wrong headed elected officials more interested in sound bytes then sound policy.

The damage the Democrats are doing to the very people they claim to represent, unions, working families, the underprivileged extends far beyond bad tax policy.  Regulatory excess has made America an unfriendly environment for business.  Business, not government is responsible for prosperity.

So what do we do about it?

The first step is to is winning in November. We need to send a message to the democrats, and all the petty bureaucrats that the American people are fed up with their agenda. Period.

Removing the power the progressives that have taken control of the Democrat party are wielding against the American working person  is really only the first step, but right now the most important. We must stop the madness by voting out the incumbents in November. But the second step is to keep our eye on the ball. This is not a one election cycle issue. You can fault the Republicans for loosing their way, but it us up to us to maintain the pressure.  The tea party showed us that the time and place to make that pressure known is in the primary elections. The time to send messages is when you vote in the primary. If the incumbent isn’t living up to expectations then we have to remove them from the ballot. Re-election should be earned, not assumed.

Smaller government, a rightful return of control over the domestic issues to the incubators of democracy that are the states that make up this republic, and local control over spending and taxes free from federal intervention begins by dismantling the Washington Beltway bureaucracy. Rebuilding the  manufacturing base, the “smoke stack industries” that provided the impetus for opportunity and innovation that made America great depends on keeping the pressure on our elected officials and restoring sound policy managed intelligently and responsively at the state level. Not dictated from EPA officials who can’t see the terrible harm that forty years of dire consequences have done to America.