Why Christine O'Donnell won in four words

John Boehner’s dumb idea.

That’s right. John Boehner decides to go on national television and suggest that he would do the same thing as the Democrats. Raise taxes.


From Greensville Delaware.


On Friday, independents in Delaware, a group that makes up the majority of the people that work in the same office where I work, were discouraged. Christine O;Donnell was their choice but they don’t get to vote in the primaries.  She seemed to be trailing and smart money said that the Republican primary voters would go for the moderate Castle.


On Monday morning, everyone was recharged. Because of John Boehner there was hope that the Republican primary voters in Delaware would send a clear message to the Republican Beltway establishment. 

That message?

Mr. Boehner, Republicans are fed up with tax raising, big spending, Washington. We are tired of Big Brother sticking his nose in what we eat, where we work, and how we live. We don’t want to change to a conservative big brother, we want rid Washington of all the big brother types.



Get it or get out

Christine O’Donnell is going to win 

Chris Coons labeled himself a bearded Marxist, and Delaware voters are not stupid. One of the smallest states in the country, it is home to a lot of business headquartered here because of favorable tax laws, a favorable regulatory environment and reliable court system. Washington is ruining a good thing for Delaware. The residents know what higher taxes mean, they have no sales tax, a fact not lost on state residents from surrounding states like myself.

I am a Republican. I am voting Republican in my home state on election day, New Jersey. My guy, Chris, gets it. John Boehner, and the beltway Republicans who have been lecturing us on the fallacy of waiting to the general election to “send a message” need to listen to drumbeat rhythms of the primary. The messages are clear, and they define a paradigm shift away from centralized government, back to the traditional constructs our founders desired, where the states work jointly and independently to advance liberty.


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