Reflections on Leadership: McChrystal

The discussion about McChrystal seems to involve President Obama’s decisiveness. Many of the commentators feel McChrystal should be sacked, so Obama can prove he is a man, a man willing to loose a war to save face. Others say, McChrystal is the general we have to have and you have to keep him, which would make Obama look like a man, a man willing to be ridiculed by his underlings to succeed in his goals. I read the Rolling Stone article. It is apparently written by someone who is not neutral, the author has an axe to grind. Call it the opening salvo of the “We need Hillary to save the world” propaganda wars.

That said, the discussions about how Obama will look when he fires/doesn’t fire McChrystal are bogus. Let me explain how a strong leader would handle it.

“I read the article, we have a tough job in Afghanistan and general McChrystal is my guy. Sure, his staffed expressed some concerns about Joe Biden, hell I MYSELF have had to bring Joe in for a talking too, you know. I can tell Joe when to shut up, My General here, doesn’t have that option. No, I am not worried about what a free lance political hack has to say about what a bunch of unnamed sources think about our administration. No body will take that seriously except the POT heads who worship at the Rolling Stone alter. Serious journalists realize that people die in wars, people who have to send young men to war to protect us are under a lot of stress. General McChrystal is a gung ho marine, I can make exceptions and not judge a man out there killing the enemy so we can sleep soundly at night. General McChrystal sent me his resignation, I tore it up, and told to go out there a win that damn war.”
– Comments from a real leader

But then, Obama has never acted like a leader, or a real man for that matter. Here is the truth. What the Rolling Stone article exposed was the disrespect that senior administration officials have for the people they represent. McChrystal doesn’t think much of some people in the administration, but guess what, how much respect has the President himself shown for the people he represents . I say, NONE!

This is really just an example of how not to run a war, or a country for that matter. It reminds me of President Johnson and his sneering disrespect for those “Hahvoyd” boys who were running everything. That would be Harvard for those of you too young to remember Johnson’s exaggerated deep southern drawl at something he disrespected. Disrespect for the very people you rely on.

Does firing McChrystal show that Obama is a serious leader, suddenly full of decisiveness. Obama Selected him. Obama put a blue ribbon panel of “Havoyd boys” together to analyze the plan. And the first time there is a little negative publicity, that is the first time someone points out that the administration is full of a bunch of people that don’t play well together and are covering up their true feelings, well Mr. Analytical dumps the General, and all that work he put in to making the right decision. Obama has no respect for out laws, the office or the people he is supposed to represent, you know the little people. He surrounded himself with people that have no respect for anyone, look at Holder and Salazar. What do they care about people who just want some safety from crime, or who have to work for a living? No respect at all for Americans.

Do I think Obama looks decisive, no, he looks dazed and confused. He has always looked dazed and confused. “Uhming and Ahing” his way through clearing his mind anytime he is caught off teleprompter. Maybe it was all those years he said he depended on mind altering drugs to get him through the day. But then that would explain why he would take seriously an article written by a free lance writer and published in a magazine for pot heads.

Solvo Reor

Cross posted at Freedoms-Light.org