NY incident - dangerous new level of attack

NY incident – dangerous new level of attack

Posted on 06 May 2010 | Edit

There are some simple steps to connecting the dots.

  1. You have to believe in the existence of dots
  2. You have to look for dots everywhere
  3. You have to look for patterns between the dots.

The biggest problem everyone seems to have is believing dots exist. Yesterday Bill Bennett focused like a laser on why we had these series of miss fire attacks. (dot….dot….dot). The consensus among the callers, some experts and Bennett’s show staff was it was luck. Now lets look at it differently.

  1. We are at war. We have been waging that war on enemy territory and winning.
  2. The enemy isn’t defeated and we have given them some breathing room to regroup and reorganize. They intend to continue the fight.
  3. They realize that we win because we take the fight to the streets of their cities. They want to win.

You may not see the connection so let me explain it. They are probing our defenses. What makes Faisal Shahzad’s mission many times more dangerous then any previous attack since the Washington DC sniper is that Faisal acted as a special ops soldier. He had a mission, an exfiltration plan, and a good chance of survival. This changes everything!

DOT: The enemy is probing our defenses. Each of these failed instances helped the enemy understand where are weakness are, and how to exploit them.

DOT: How hard would it be to smuggle teams of special ops soldiers into the country across the Mexican border?

DOT:Interdiction strikes could be carried out against transportation, and energy targets by individuals who infiltrate, execute there mission and have a reasonable expectation of successful exfiltration.

DOT: The probes have proved we are not able to intercept these attacks, and have defined weaknesses and even cracks in our reaction when an attack has been discovered. The idiots in Washington gave them all the information they need about how issues are handled, who is involved, what agencies are involved. Heck we even told them they have two hours even if they are identified to get out. Worse, the idiots in Washington told them how we identified the suspect.

DOT: 40% of the illegal immigrants infiltrating the country from Mexico are classified “OTM” (Other than Mexican).

The enemy doesn’t need suicide bombers. They can send special ops soldiers to the country to carry out sniper attacks, interdiction strikes against transportation systems (including energy transmission pipes and lines) and terrorist attacks. Sooner or later they are going to realize that America is more than New York city.

Faisal Shahzad’s actions raise the level of threat far beyond anything we have seen so far. With a little better planning, he escapes. With a better detonator, he blows up something and escapes. You don’t need suicide bombers for that kind of mission, for that you can use soldiers.

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