Commander in Chief fails to do job.

The government has a plan in place to protect the coastline in the event of an oil spill. Ownership and responsibility for managing the crises lies with the US Coast Guard. An Admiral in the Coast Guard is given the task of assessing any and assuming responsibility for managing the response.

This makes sense. An admiral, appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate has the political connections and military authority necessary to protect the country. A business involved in a clean up, blowout containment or spill will be focused exclusively on that task. The Coast Guard Admiral can authorize observation, inspection and the assembly and deployment of resources to augment, supplement or supplant the business effort. It isn’t about money, no business has unlimited resources, but the government and military can bring exponentially more resources to focus on the problem. In addition, while the business is focused exclusively on the containment, the Coast Guard can provide reconnaissance resources to collect and analyze data in a situation that can get rapidly out of hand. Information needed to make informed choices about actions that should be taken as early and effective as possible.

Why is this important. Well, unlike other natural disasters there is a reaction plan in place for oil spills and well blow outs. There are clearly defined steps the Coast Guard are to take, tasks they are to perform, responsibilities they are to discharge, and conditions they are to satisfy. The Admiral assigned this responsibility is not far from the Commander in Chief, performing the role of executive officer while the Commander in Chief is ultimately responsible for the performance of the services.

There is no wait time, unlike a natural disaster like Katrina, the responsibility from the first drop is assigned to the Coast Guard. After Katrina, like it or not, the state has the responsibility and must request assistance. So there can be a delay. But there is no excuse for delaying deployment of intelligence resources to independently assess the risk and response.

President Barrack Obama had a job to do. He is too busy attacking American Citizens, compromising our liberties confiscating our wealth, commandeering American enterprises and attacking his political opponents to do the job he is paid to do.

As Commander in Chief he had a job to do, and the best resources in the world to use. He should go back to lecturing at college because he is a failure at the most important job he is paid to do.

Solvo Reor

Whether we like it or not, the American wage earner and the American housewife are a lot better economists than most economists care to admit. They know that a government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.
If we want to restore confidence in ourselves as working politicians, the first thing we all have to do is to learn to say no. President Gerald Ford, Address to a Joint Session of the Congress. -August 12, 1974

President Obama seems intent on making a proving Gerald Ford a great prophet. ~WmCraig