Why young people will pay for insurance!

8:04 PM


IN GENERAL.—A group health plan and a health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage that provides dependent coverage of children shall continue to make such coverage available for an adult child (who is not married) until the child turns 26 years of age. Nothing in this section shall require a health plan or a health insurance issuer described in the preceding sentence to make coverage available for a child of a child receiving dependent coverage.


– All health policies require that any child under the age of 26 shall be covered (unless other coverage can be proven) until the child turns 27

–  Impact. The easiest way to make sure young people pay more than there fair share of the insurance market is to see to it that if they don’t have their own insurance, Mom and Dad are on the hook for the premiums, co-pays, etc.

I’ve seen this before, and if you live in a state where no fault insurance laws were passed you have too.  It doesn’t matter if you are not responsible in anyway for the actions of this otherwise “adult”, that the government says is old enough to vote, old enough to drink and old enough to stand trial for their actions if appropriate, but you are still responsible to pay for the insurance, and since you are the insured you get stuck with the copay and any unfunded liability.

Lets say you are a struggling parent, maybe a single parent, who raises a young man or woman under less than ideal circumstances. You work hard make a wage, not great but you can get by if you control your expenses. Live within your means. Now that young adult over which you have no control goes out and does something unhealthy. Maybe a pregnancy, or maybe engages in risky behavior (drug use, alchohol, criminal activity, general stupidity) and gets injured. Guess who pays.

How does this help the working mom or dad struggling to make ends meet on a decent but not great wage? What does this do for a working person, especially those that are expecting the most from the fantasy of ObamaCare? Nothing, but it does something for the government. It gives them an excuse to take more from everyone without “raising taxes”.

Of course, maybe your young adults don’t do anything stupid, don’t get sick, don’t get in trouble, don’t require medical care. You are still going to pay the premiums if your young adults can’t. Now for many hard working people of course they want to take care of the children. So this isn’t a tax increase, it is just making sure your children are covered.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I know I sure can’t afford to cover my children as premiums go, as they are bound to do. Especially since they don’t count as tax deductions.

Hey, who cares about an extra few hundred dollars a month in premiums in this booming economy, right? No problem, I just cut down on my trips to Starbucks, and spend less time on the Riviera this year.

I don’t want anything to happen to my kids, but they stopped obeying me a long time ago. They make there own decisions about work, leisure and security. They also pay their own way. So, we have a deal. Except, this means I get to pay for something they may or may not want because they think they may not need it. So, now some government agency will take their insurance premiums out of my paycheck and then I have to collect it? There goes our Thanksgiving get together next year.

Is this really reform? It sounds like a giant Ponzi scheme to me. The old sick people that the government made promises too, called medicare, but can’t pay for need money so let’s get it from the kids. The government will make the parents pay for it in case the kids don’t volunteer to buy it.

Sweet deal for somebody.

Somebody else not me.


Solvo Reor