What is the real force behind the health care putsch

We know that Nancy Pelosi has to promote a public option in order to maintain her respect within her far left liberal San Francisco voter base. And the public option does offer certain solutions. It is especially appealing when combined with the requirement to accept anyone regardless of pre-existing conditions.

So let’s think about this for a second, without the politically correct filter in place. Who needs protection against denial based on pre-existing conditions.

    Category 1. Drug and Sexually transmitted disease high risk groups.
  • Intravenous drug users needing medical care, many with HIV or Aides
  • Prostitutes needing treatment for drug and or use sexually transmitted disease (including HIV)
  • Individuals embracing high risk life styles including promiscuous individuals regardless of sexual orientation and those engaged in long term relations with individuals with sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS
  • AIDS patients unable to work.
    Category 2 . Chronically Ill uninsured
  • Criminals unable to secure regular employment
  • Mentally ill not confined
  • Transient and temporarily homeless
  • Illegal immigrants
    Category 3. healthy individuals contracting acute disease unexpectedly.
  • Healthy individuals who chose not to be insured or are underinsured
  • Illegal immigrants, legal immigrants and foreign tourists

For decades now, San Francisco has evolved as ground central for a counter cultural revolution, and bright shining light of alternative lifestyle acceptance. Preaching at the rest of America to get with it. To be a drug user, unemployed or homeless in San Francisco means a level of support beyond any reasonable persons expectations. How long have we heard the San Francisco cultural elite berate us for our aversion to embracing drugs, immigrants, alternative lifestyles and sexual freedom?

The problem is that supporting this cultural experiment is expensive. As a rich industrial power house, California was always able to pay for it’s cutting edge experiments in social reorganization. Now California is bankrupt. It’s industries failing or fleeing the state. The system to deliver all the support services needed to keep a dependent culture reasonably healthy has broken.

Nancy Pelosi’s financial solution? Transfer the costs to the American tax payer. Those of us who resisted unsustainable change suddenly are stuck with the tab for Nancy Pelosi’s progressive utopia. A house of cards that will collapse around her ears if she doesn’t find somewhere to off load the costs.

But that is just my opinion of why Nancy will stop at nothing to advance her health care putsch.

Solvo Reor