Move over Jimmy Carter - Here's Barry…..

 Come on over to the house, will sit down, have a beer and talk about things. Not like any of us have important work to do.

Yes sir. No one managed to make themselves look smaller and more insignificant in the eyes of the world in one silly act since Jimmy Carter carried his own luggage off Marine One into the White House.  

If an otherwise forgettable  incident  between a local police officer and an ordinary citizen is a big enough deal to deserve the full court press of the President, the kind normally reserved for heads of state, then the man that would be President is either very insecure, very under qualified or  simply foolish.


I Imagine somewhere in Russia there is a group of politico’s sitting around a table over rounds of their own favorite beverage laughing there heads off over this silly waste of Barry’s time.  “I think those Amerikans vastly over estimate the hand that Barry fellow holds, but hey, he serves a mean barbeque!”




Sovlo Reor


The author respects President Obama regardless of any differences in political beliefs and will not routinely disrespect the office, or  the man.  A little self respect would be appreciated