The obvious savings from health care bill

 Seems simple enough to me.

  1. Counsel the elderly on how to determine the best time to “turn themselves off” which sounds so much nicer than assisted suicide.
  2. Impose standards, such as health, behavioral etc.
  3. Prevent unwanted births.

Any questions?



1. The idea of having old people die sooner, and cheaper is easy. Most people that put any thought into Obama’s ideas about saving money realize that is to be expected.


2. As for the matter of standards, I can’t help but notice that there are articles about how overweight people so much more to maintain healthy. The Obama attack machine is at it again. Eventually, with the right propaganda only skinny people who exercise regularly, eat mostly Vegan, and have no genetic deficiencies will receive FULL coverage, with everyone else getting some form of penalty for deviation. After all, since everyone is paying for everyone’s health care why should certain people be free to abuse the system.


3. But the one obvious thing no one is talking about is mandated abortion payments. Why does everyone relate the word “mandated” to the word “payments” and not to mandated abortion? After all, the first year of birth is one of the most costly, I believe second only to the last year of life. And, if you want reduce costs,. to eliminate things like chronic diseases the best way is through preventative medicine. The best form of preventative medicine? Prevent anyone that doesn’t meet some bureaucratic criteria from ever being born. You know, the right genes, the intelligence potential the right appearance markers, the physical potential, etc…


I know I know this all sounds so familiar,

I just can’t remember where I heard it before.




Solvo Reor