My new political persuasion

(EDITOR’S NOTE) Mr. Solus has been banned for repeated violations of the posting rule regarding promotion of 3rd parties. This is the second one of the night. Lets just knock off the 3rd party talk, shall we, folks?)

I’m 61 years old and an Independent voter meaning I would vote for the better of either a Democratic or Republican candidate. Sadly my vote has often gone to whom i feel is the lesser of so many evils.
There have been some terrific independent candidates but sadly they get little national traction due to the media focus on a two party race.
I have seen the Libertarian Party take over the basic concepts of a limited and Constitutional government that Republicans used to call their own and the Republican Party become the Democratic Party painted red.
I used to vote for that person who most reflected my ideas and ideals but have found stump speeches are nothing more than political rhetoric spoken to encourage votes with little thought of following through once in office.
Once a Dem or Repub candidate is put forth for office, they have been bought and paid for many times over and are beholden to many contributors and special interests (Solyndra, et al).
Though many will consider my vote wasted, going forward I will exclusively vote for the Libertarian candidate as they reflect my beliefs and outlook far more than the traditional main stream Parties.