Healthcare Reform Takeover

Healthcare Reform Takeover

Details. Details. Details.

What the President and progressive liberals DON’T want you to know.

I have just finished reading the proposed Healthcare Reform Bill that will be “deemed” and “passed” into law after this weekend’s farce “vote”.

To say it is complex and difficult to understand is an understatement. I believe they wrote it this way so they (they=those voting Yea to this monstrosity bill) can fool the American public with “reform” versus what this bill will actually do. Case in point, did you know…

· Final decisions regarding your healthcare will NOT be made by you and your doctor; they will be made by a newly created position of Commissioner of the Health Benefits Advisory Committee (Page1062, Line17).

· The Health Benefits Advisory Committee will determine what is covered and what is not, they will decide what is covered under essential, enhanced and premium plans (Page 1062, Line17).

· The Bill states that the Health Benefits Advisory Committee and Commissioner will determine the essential benefits, general treatments, items, and services you need and get (Page 1066, Line16).

· So who makes up this Health Benefits Advisory Committee? Well, its 25 people; 9 who are APPOINTED BY THE PRESIDENT; 9 who are appointed by the Comptroller of the United States (the Finance Guy); and another 8 who are also APPOINTED by the President. Of these appointees, they will come from various groups representing YOU, including; “experts in racial and ethnics disparagements”, “labor” (think:unions) and ONE (1) “healthcare professional” (Page1064, Line11). Do you think they represent YOU?

· Why a Health Benefits Advisory Committee? Because they want to “protect” you (Page37, Line1)

· What about preventative medicine? Good question…well, for preventative healthcare the Health Benefits Advisory Committee will create a Task Force on Preventative Services (Page1992, Line8) to review and advise which preventative services you and your family will receive, including vaccines, treatments and care (Page 28, Line1). What else is listed under Preventative Services? Would you believe Maternity, Well baby, and Well Child Care (Page 1061, Line 3) are listed as preventative medicines? Yes, the Government will now tell you what care, vaccines, treatment your child will and will not receive. But not yet, you see those healthcare benefits are currently listed on the NO Cost-sharing List meaning the Health Benefits Advisory Committee and Task force still need to review and determine what services will be covered. Yeah like I said, takeover!

· As we have been told, “the government currently does not sponsor abortions” but ask yourself two questions; why is maternity listed as a preventative service? And, why does the term “abortion” not appear anywhere in this 2310 page document? If the federal government absolutely did not want your tax dollars going towards abortion wouldn’t they have stated that someplace within this document? I think “preventative services-maternity” might be government code for “preventative pregnancy”.

· Three more important items within this bill; first, each State can put demands on your coverage and those demands must also be met. So, this is really not universal healthcare for all. Each state can and probably will be different. BUT, the cost will be shared across the board. Remember the Health Benefits Advisory Committee and Commissioner will determine what is “best for all” (Page 1992, Line 8).

· The second item is enrollment. The President will establish community organizers (ACORN?) to enroll you and your family (Page 1144, Line 3 and Page 1149, Line 15). Can we trust community organizer with our healthcare information?

· And Finally, Your EMPLOYER can be fine $100 per day for each day they don’t provide you with this insurance. (Page 1212, Line 11) Do you think that will drive job creation?

So there you are folks, is this healthcare reform you want?

The progressive are hoping you will not take the time to research this bill but you need READ IT. Look up the page and line numbers I pointed out and see for yourself. Then call you state senator and representative and say NO! But you must act now because the progressives are about t make this law.

Tick, tick, tick, tick….the clock is running.