Dateline: Donald Trump

As is often the case, the cover-up is worse than the crime. The problem is not that The Pledge was dated incorrectly, but that Mr. Vanity continues his illusions of grander and likely lied about his responsibility for this otherwise insignificant oversight.


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Donald J. Trump                                               Donald J. Trump

Reinse Priebus          August 3/15                   Reinse Priebus          9-3-15

On September 3, 2015, Donald Trump affirmed his loyalty to the GOP for the 2016 Presidential election. However, the date on his signed manifest was off by one full month and contained a seldom, if ever, used date construct: August 3/15. (The only document I found [Trump’s financial disclosure] which had a date next to his signature did not employ this unconventional dating method. However, the financial disclosure was likely not personally dated by Trump based on the differences in the thickness of ink.) While there is no known picture of Trump dating The Pledge, on September 3 Erick Trump tweeted a picture of the document apparently taken immediately after his father signed it.

Trump  was oblivious to the erroneous date as he triumphantly waved the document high into the air. Otherwise, prior to him going live with the announcement, he undoubtedly would have corrected the incongruity regardless of who originally penned the mistaken month.

After questions arose, Trump claimed he didn’t inscribe the date: “They put it in…yeah. Somebody else wrote it. We’ll change the date.”


I’m not a handwriting expert, but Trump’s insistence on not being at fault has the following hurdles to overcome:

  • Generally after signing a document the signatory also dates said document. If we are to believe Trump, this did not happen. Is this his common practice?
  • Similar heavy blank ink was used for Trump’s handwritten/printed name, date, and cursive signature, indicating the same author. In essence, Trump is asserting someone got hold of his pen and wrote the date in his handwriting/printing style. The phantom hand would therefore be an expert in such art, or someone on his staff who had practiced such, or an auto pen.
  • Handwriting/Printing for August appears similar to Trump’s handwritten/printed name, indicating the same author. [Examine the “U” and “T” in August and compare it to the “U” and “T” in Trump. (The “A” in Donald is too blurry for me to make a fair comparison to the “A” in August.)] An additional handwritten/printed exhibit (see below) in which Trump goes off on a classless rant against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar supports the above and provides additional datapoints  for comparison.
  • Donald Trump’s handwritten/printed name and the month (August) are written in an upper case/lower case all-caps style, indicating the same author. (It is unclear whether the “G/g” and “T/t” in August are in upper or lower case. However, in his screed to Abdul-Jabar, Trump’s “e’s” are always lower case–although the “G” in again is upper case).
  • Likely not auto penned. The beginning of the document: “I, [Donald Trump], affirm…” overwrites the word affirm. If this was done by an auto pen, Donald Trump’s name would likely have been aligned so as not to crowd over any subsequent text. In addition, there are small but noticeable differences between Donald Trump’s handwritten/printed name and signature on the incorrectly dated version and the version signed and dated 9-3-2015 in thin blue ink by Reince Priebus.

If Donald Trump did not write the date, who did, and will this person come forward? The only reasonable explanation is that Trump supplied an incorrect date to his pledge–then lied about it, proving himself once again a menace and a fraud.


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