Obama: "[I know Democrats lied to me when they said] voting for ObamaCare was 'the right thing to do.'"

Words. Just words.

At this afternoon’s press conference, President Obama, sans teleprompter, all but admitted his ousted Democrat colleagues who voted for ObamaCare have no scruples. Following a question from Jake Tapper, Obama responded:

“And what they’ve told me is, you know, ‘We don’t have regrets because [we] feel like we were doing the right thing.And they may be just saying that to make me feel better, which, again, is a sign of their character and class.’”

Yep. So much integrity that President Obama recognized Democrats lied to his face and the American people, and in fact did not want to vote for ObamaCare, but voted for it anyway. And all just to make Obama feel better. I can’t imagine a better example of unicorn character than that.

Now that’s audacious.