Look inward, Congressman Clyburn. Look inward.

As long as Congressman Clyburn is casting aspersions, making baseless accusations, and touting conspiracy theories, maybe what really happened was that Democrat operatives tried to wreck havoc with the Republican primary and it backfired? Thus, with Democrat votes being frittered away in the Republican primary, what’s his name who came in 2nd in the Democrat primary did not receive the votes he would have received otherwise.

And if Republicans really did sabotage the Democrat primary, that means the Democrats had an incredibly low voter turnout. …Maybe a record low turnout? That does not bode well for you in November.

In the South Carolina governor’s race, Sheheen won with 58% of the vote. Polling had Sheheen at 59%. That’s incredible coordination among the 99,970 who voted for Greene. RealClearPolitics combined final polls had Sheheen at 59%, Rex at 23%, and Ford at 18%. The actual results?: Sheheen 58%, Rex 23%, and Ford 18%. (Karl Rove messed up! He was supposed to get Sheheen to 59%.)

As 2008 was a Presidential primary year, let’s also compare the 2006 and 2010 South Carolina primaries. Of the 432,065 Democrat and Republican ballots cast in 2006, 33.8% were Democrat ballots. Of the 622,273 Democrat and Republican ballots cast in 2010, 31.7% of total ballots cast were Democrat ballots.

When you speak before you have the facts, you miscalibrate your words. Way to lead the way, Mr. President.


In 2006, 146,062 people voted in the Democrat primary, and 2,408,258 people were registered with the Democrat party in South Carolina. Assuming only Democrats voted in the Democrat primary, there was a 6.0% voter turnout among Democrats in South Carolina.

In 2006 277,003 people voted in the Republican primary in South Carolina, and 2,408,258 people were registered with the Republican party in South Carolina. Assuming only registered Republicans voted in the Republican primary, there was a 11.5% voter turnout among Republicans in South Carolina.

In 2010, 197,380 Democrat ballots were cast, and 424,893 Republican ballots were cast. (Further breakdowns not yet available.)