KosKids Continue to use WTC Stock Photo

UPDATE: The original DailyKos video link had the WTC stock photo. The updated video link replaced the WTC photo.

I went to see what the KosKids’ latest complaints were and found this diary by a front pager regarding Scott Brown’s connections to the evillll Wall Street, which also included a link to the latest DSCC video. The kosiacs don’t realize it, but the video used a WTC stock photo.

Helpfully, the first commenter noticed the original video had been removed and provided a working link.

I read the comments section and found no one mentioned and/or knew the real reason why the video (paid for by the DSCC) had been removed. One person even posited on the real reason the first video posted by diarest was removed: “[A]utomatically, I imagine a Republican has had something to do with this….tampering thieves that they are.”

One reason they may have missed this is because they are Charlie Gibson-type drones and never listen to anyone except themselves and the MSM. I bet they wish they had NeoKong around to let them know about the latest Coakley gaffe they are perpetuating.

The DSCC and Daily Kos have proved again they are no less of an idiot than Coakley herself.