Obama's e-mail supporting Coakley implies Brown's swearing-in cannot be delayed

Obama e-mailed it in. In his e-mail message of support for Coakely, he (or maybe it was TOTUS) wrote this:

The outcome of this race couldn’t be more important. To help Americans get back to work, jump-start a clean-energy economy, and put a stop to abuses on Wall Street that place us at risk, I need every ally possible in the Senate.

You’ve worked so hard to organize around these and so many other critical issues. And now we’re so close to passing health reform — finally realizing Senator Kennedy’s life’s work. But we cannot get the job done without Martha Coakley in the Senate.

The stakes are high. Time is short. And your role is essential.


By acknowledging that heath care “reform” cannot pass without the election of Coakley to the Senate, the President is admitting that if Brown wins, the bill is killed–and that delay tactics to prevent Brown’s swearing-in cannot and/or will not work.

The former ConLaw professor finally got one right.