Obama Double Talk

Historic? Absolutely! For the first time in our Republic’s history, the American people have elected a president who is not just a fetus killer, but a live baby killer as well. (And a Marxist on top of that.)

I can tolerate inept tax policies and even wanting to pull out of Iraq, but Obama’s disrespect for life is beyond the pale. That audio Erick posted of Obama arguing the indefensible was chilling. To me, Obama will always be known as the infanticide president. Here’s a “congratulatory letter” from today’s Washington Post Inauguration edition:

The Times They Are a Changin’

Our Dear Leader-Welcome home.
Please know the miraculous feat
and pride your presidency brings to
us deserves the highest recognition.
Thanks to eloquent leadership and
because of the values you hold dear,
hands of the old tremble with joy and
newborn babes are tossed proudly in
the air, dressed in the most exquisite
linen. Closets, which were locked

because of necessity, proudly open
without shame. We call this infant I
adore America. Equal, free, side by
side. May God bless her ever more.

Talitha Christiansen

*Remember to skip every other line.

h/t to one of the FrontPagers who also pulled this off a few months ago. I don’t have the link or I’d give you more credit.