Congressman John Shimkus Spent $2500 At Gentleman's Club

According to multiple sources, Congressman John Shimkus (R-IL15) leads a double life: Christian family man in the district, drunken John in DC.

A 20-year member, Congressman Shimkus got elected promising limit himself to two terms. That was a long time and a lot of DC night life ago.

As Newsmax reported last May, Shimkus leads the pack of DC wolves when it comes to lavishly feting his pack of lobbyists and donors.

During the past election season, Politico notes, members of Congress spent over $650,000 dining at the posh Capital Grille, including the biggest spender of all, Rep. John Shimkus, R-Ill., who dropped  $162,245 there.

Shimkus reported on his FEC filings spending $2500 at what was then Club 1223, at which well-heeled gentlemen of power could ascend the stairs to The Spank Room.

Local DC paper wrote of The Spank Room and Club 1223, “MCCXXIII (1223) was one of Washington’s first pricey bottle-service clubs, and its upstairs VIP lounge, Spank, was the first local club to jump on the “reserve-a-bed” trend back in 2002.“

Edgar County Watchdogs reports on Shimkus’ false attack ads against his challenger, State Senator Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon).

Anyone living in the 15th Congressional District has been overwhelmed with the volume of lies being circulated by life-long politician John Shimkus. I actually may have to have my mail box hinge replaced at the pace Shimkus is sending out his smear campaign to maintain his seat in Washington. A twenty-year congressman that told the voters if they send him to Washinton he will only serve 2 terms. We all know he has not kept his word and most agree, 20 years in Washington is part of the problem we now face.

Michelle Malkin, the Club for Growth, and the 100% pro-life Illinois Family Institute has endorsed Kyle McCarter, Shimkus’ opponent.