Donald Trump Is Not A Capitalist

Donald Trump is not a capitalist. Trump is a mercantilist. Mercs like Trump believe that the purpose of government is not to defend liberty. Mercs like Trump believe the purpose of government is to enrich mercs like Trump.


The biggest issue for mercs like Trump is trade protectionism. Mercs like Trump believe that governmental power is best used to hinder the operation of their competitors, and enhance their own. They favor all manner of tariffs, regulatory regimes, taxes and rules to make it happen.

Eminent Domain

The US Constitution provides that a person should not be deprived of property without due process — that is, except as a penalty for a crime. Mercs like Trump were thrilled at the Kelo decision, which held that governments could use their eminent domain power to take property from one owner and give it to another.

Trump attempted to use this power to force a widow to vacate her property so that he could have a parking lot for limousines of wealthy patrons at his casino. Trump lost the case, but that doesn’t speak well of him.


After Ted Cruz came to Iowa to call for phasing out the Renewable Fuels Standard, which places a governmental mandate on fuel production, Donald Trump pandered to pro-ethanol groups.

Trump wasn’t merely pandering. That is, he was pandering, but not only pandering, because Trump believes in the power and wisdom of government to decide the results of economic competition.

Planned Parenthood
Trump has a long history of donating money to pro-abortion candidates and causes, including Planned Parenthood. While he says he’s pro-life, he favors continuing to fund Planned Parenthood because they do “good things” other than abortion. Either Trump is completely ignorant of how business income and expenditures work or he’s in favor of government funding abortions.

Other policies

Whether it’s health care, immigration, or any other policy, Trump can be counted on, in the words of Tea Party Patriots founder Jenny Beth Martin, to love only himself:

“Donald Trump loves himself first, last and everywhere in between. He loves himself more than our country, he loves himself more than the constitution. He doesn’t love you, me, and he doesn’t love the tea party. Donald Trump has no business thinking he’s tea party and every tea party person who truly loves the constitution should take that into account when you’re casting your vote,” she said.

Trump is a Merc
Donald Trump is not a capitalist. That is, he does not believe in free market capitalism, but in a twisted form of fascism in which government decides how business ought to be conducted and who should win based on who pays off the right politicians.