Breaking: Donald Trump Speaks Complete Sentence

In a stunning campaign development, presidential candidate and real estate scam expert Donald Trump spoke a complete sentence during a speech leading up to the key Super Tuesday primaries.

Sources said it isn’t clear whether Trump conceived the sentence, “Trump is a con man,” on his own or if it was given to him by spokesman Katrina Pierson.

Customers of the former Trump University project have sued Trump over fraud they say he committed in connection with the scheme. Trump University “students” say they never met with Trump personally as they were promised, but were instead asked to pay increasingly higher amounts to unlock the secrets of real estate swindling, such as how to profit from the Obama government bailouts.

Trump does not deny being a con man, and in fact says three times that he is con man, using a mocking tone. He terms his business not credible.

Trump also calls his financial statements with the Federal Elections Commission not believable, and says their unbelievable nature is the reason he has to campaign.

According to Trump, his campaign staff do not believe he runs a great company.

That’s it. Now he wants to act like a big man. Oh, “Trump’s a con man. Trump’s a con man. I’m a con man. I built an incredible business. I filed papers with the federal elections that are so unbelievable, and believe me if they weren’t unbelievable I wouldn’t be here right now and these guys would have never, ever, they could not believe how great a company I built. And I got to listen to this guy…