Hillary Clinton Compliments Supporter Who Wants To Kill Carly Fiorina

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton responded to a comment about strangling rival Carly Fiorina by complimenting the questioner on his size and toughness.

Apparently this man is upset that Fiorina had to trim payrolls to keep HP solvent during her time as CEO there. Clinton’s response to the disgruntled worker shows that she would be just as happy to have her rivals strangled into the silence of the grave.

“I wouldn’t mess with you! Ah ha ha ha!” laughed the former first lady and Air Force helicopter security consultant.

Forget trying to shame media into treating this with the same outrage they would display if the party roles were reversed. The media enjoy that you know they are partisan hacks.

Focus instead on the prospect of Hillary Clinton grabbing the guns of the law-abiding while encouraging threats against women by disgruntled former employees sidelined by the Obama economy.