7 Fake District Images Democrat Julia Brownley Used In CA-26 Reelection Bid

Rep Julia Brownley (D-CA26) used a mailer in her reelection bid against surging Jeff Gorell (R) that appears to show community support, but does not picture anyone who actually lives in the district. Some of the images used don’t even come from the United States.

Brownley sent this mailer to voters in the district implying that she supports the various special interest groups pictured, but none of the photos in the mailer appear to be from the district. In fact, while many of them are stock photos, and one is simply stolen from a British blog post.

Mailer sent by Congresswoman Brownley

The Daily Caller first pointed out that the Navy-like picture had a non-US insignia.

Democratic lawmaker Julia Brownley sent a political mailer to her constituents in late July featuring a woman wearing fake military attire and a German Luftwaffe insignia — apparently unaware that the costume was not an official uniform worn by U.S. personnel.

On Monday Jeff Gorell, Brownley’s Republican opponent in California’s 26 congressional district, sent out a press release highlighting the congresswoman’s taxpayer-funded faux pas.


It turns out that none of these fake district images Democrat Julia Brownley used in her reelection bid can be verified to be in the 26th district of California.

1. Portrait of an Airwoman from Getty Images.

2. DefenceApparel.com of Northern Ireland


3. Hispanic Teacher talking to students stock photo


4. Stock photo of family



5. Used by Easy Choice Health Plan HMO and other publications, probably a stock photo, certainly not a constituent image.


6. Farm Girl Stock Photo


7. Stolen from a British blog post



BONUS Fake District Image Democrat Julia Brownley Used In Reelection Bid

8. Cargo ship at unknown port  that doesn’t look like Port Hueneme, CA, and is probably a stock photo


Given that the other images in the mailer are from stock photos or used off the Internet, the port image probably is, as well. The Brownley FEC page shows the campaign paid Marshall Creative Services of Beverly Hills for graphic design services.

With $1.5 million warchest, would  it so hard to hire a graphic designer that would use photos from the district? How much more powerful would that mailer have been, Congresswoman Brownley?

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