Will the Real Lindsey Graham Please Shut Up?

Via Liberal Bias

Lindsey Graham (R-South McCainolina) said on Sunday that the US should stop aid to Egypt.

Why? Because the Egyptian army is putting down the scourge of civilization, the Muslim Brotherhood. As The Hill reported,

“We’re headed for Algeria. The [Muslim] Brotherhood will go underground, al Qaeda will come to their aid, and you’re going to have an armed insurgency, not protesters, on your hands in the next 60 days or 90 days,” said Graham on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“We’re going to have to suspend our aid because we can’t support the reaction of the military, even though the Brotherhood overplaying their hand started this, we can’t support what the military’s doing in response.”

I support the reaction of the military, if it ends with dead terrorists, which it seems to be doing with increasing efficiency.

There will be no armed insurgency. And if the threat is that Al Qaeda will support the Brotherhood, is there more evidence needed that the Brotherhood supports Al Qaeda?

I wrote to Egyptian blogger The Big Pharaoh (twitter), asking about the situation in Egypt.

BP doesn’t seem to think the situation is as dicey as McGrahamnesty does.

Q: It seems to me that the Egyptian army is motivated by what is best for Egypt, rather than by what’s best for the Army. Does it seem that way to you?

It does seem so to many in Egypt. Personally, I believe the army will do everything to preserve its interests. I don’t believe the army wants to rule directly, I think they want to remain the custodians over the ruler, the preserver, the guardian. And as a matter of fact, it seems few people are having a problem with this.

Q: How do the various factions see the US? Has that changed since Mubarak left?

Anti-American sentiment is at a record high. Both camps are now blaming the US. The anti-Morsi campaign think the US sided with Morsi too much and did not say much when he ruled unilertarally.

Q: What are the chances for free and fair elections, depending on what happens?

High chances. They will happen. When? This is the question.

Egypt can handle its own affairs. It seems the aid we’ve been giving the military has been put to good use, creating a force for a stable Egypt. In the long run we should end the aid, say over the course of the next couple of years. But to do so now would signal American disapproval.

Hope I answered your questions