Put On Your Big Boy Pants, Governor Quinn

The thin-skinned bully Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D-Obamaville) could not take being bested on friendly turf with friendly questioners and a friendly host. As a result, Quinn reportedly told his staff to remove his debate opponent, Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Peoria, IL-18) from a Special Olympics luncheon and from a transportation planning conference to be held in the fall.

Quinn and Schock appeared on MSNBC’s “Mornin’ Joe” with Joe Scarborough, and later traded insults on Chicago radio station WLS-AM. Quinn spokesman Brooke Anderson presented the script of Quinn’s drama to the Chicago Tribune, responding to a suggestion about Schock as a possible GOP gubernatorial candidate in 2014:

“Gov. Quinn is not thinking about potential opponents. He is thinking about public pension reform and would like to get it done in a bipartisan way,” Anderson said, noting that Quinn asked for Schock’s help with GOP state lawmakers. “An hour later, (Schock) was on the radio and running the governor down.”

Because Quinn got his feelings (*sniff*) irreparably harmed by the brutal treatment (*sniff*) he received from the Congressman, he stomped his little feet, took one last *sniff* and decided to hold his breath until someone paid attention.   The Tribune:

Schock was supposed to appear with Quinn in Springfield at an Executive Mansion kickoff luncheon for Illinois’ Special Olympics. The Quinn administration contacted event sponsors and tried to get Schock removed from the program or to shift things so the two wouldn’t appear together, said event officials who asked not to be identified because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.

(In case the video to embed breaks.)

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