The Right Response to Swatting

There is a new tactic in use by the left called “swatting” that we on the right will find abhorrent. While the activity involves local law enforcement and the politics of personal destruction, we must realize that the effort is coordinated across state lines and violates federal law. But mostly, while sometimes it is wise and effective for us to use the left’s tactics against them, this is not one of those times.

This is a new front in the war between the new conservative media and the Democrat Media Complex. We must plan our response carefully and execute it vigorously.

Swatting is the practice of generating a phony 9-1-1 call that spoofs a victim’s telephone number (impersonating the victim) and draws a SWAT team typically expecting to find a crime scene at the their residence.

Sheriff is at my house. Someone spoofed my phone number and said someone had been shot at my house.
– Erick Erickson Sun, May 27 2012 20:40:14

We’re ok. After I starting writing about #BrettKimberlin I informed the local sheriff’s office to expect this to happen.
– Erick Erickson Sun, May 27 2012 20:44:52

I don’t recommend all conservatives tell their local sheriff they expect a swatting. That’s another way for the leftists to throw a wrench into the system.

Copycat, or one of the #BrettKemberlin clown posse? @ewerickson RT @BenHowe: Dude. Seriously. #War
– Loren Heal Sun, May 27 2012 21:06:36

It actually makes no difference whether the Erickson swatting was arranged by Kimberlin associates or merley a local prank. A scheme like that, with that victim, means the attack comes from Erickson’s ideological enemies. Whether the attack is a childish reaction to Erickson’s stance against the Kimberlin evil or merely some local opponent taking advantage of the situation to hassle Erickson, the attack comes from the left.

Neil Stevens points out the basic flaw in the law enforcement system:

So we’ve found out the 911 system is easily spoofed.
– Neil Stevens Sun, May 27 2012 21:14:20

Phone number spoofing has been around for years. There are readily available smartphone apps. The combination of phone number spoofing and abuse of the 9-1-1 system to report a crime was inevitable.  The lack of secure authentication in the evolving telephone system and global access to a resource — the 9-1-1 response to crime — guarantees that someone will abuse the system.

And as usual, the leftists abuse the social contract. But it’s doubtful that wiser heads will realize that the problem is a security flaw and react to it as they would an exploited flaw in any other system. The ideological left likes it enough when conservatives are attacked that they don’t care about the compromise to the system as a whole.

J. Christian Adams weighs in:

ALL web energy over #swatting should be directed at #doj or USAttorney opening 18 USC 241 and wire crime investigations. All else is waste . 
– Christian Adams Sun, May 27 2012 21:20:44

18 USC § 241 – Conspiracy against rights | LII / Legal Information Institute

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 696; Pub. L. 90-284, title I, § 103(a),Apr. 11, 1968, 82 Stat. 75; Pub. L. 100-690, title VII, § 7018(a…  Cornell

Swatting steals from all of us.  Though conservatives and traditionalists are repulsed by, or at least not drawn to such activities, we may be tempted to exact revenge or simply to fight fire with fire.

This is not a time to fight fire with fire. In literal terms, fire can be fought with fire because doing so uses up the resources that make the fire dangerous. Figuratively, then, it’s best to use the tactics being used against you when that limits in some way your opponent’s ability to use those tactics. That is not the case here.

Swatting is part of the war between the new conservative media and the Democrat Media Complex.

If anyone on our side is tempted to engage in swatting as retribution for #BrettKimberlin, just don’t. You will be the entire story.

The Democrat Media Complex pattern is clear. When there is a story of leftists behaving badly, such as with Occupy Wall Street, they ignore that part the story. If it’s a conservative, on the other hand, they publicize the misdeeds and tie all conservatives to that individual.

Furthermore, if both a leftist and a conservative do the same illegal thing, the DMC will always find that the conservative is doing it more, that the conservative’s crimes are worse, and that the conservative has a greater responsibility because conservatives claim to want to do what is right.

So if some conservative engages in swatting, it will be reported in a vacuum as if it were a conservative’s idea.

The Media would cover the swatting story and #BrettKimberlin in a heartbeat if they could say both sides do it. So don’t.

But that’s not fair, is it?

No, it isn’t fair that the leftist slime get to break the law and we can’t. That’s the gig. Own it.
– Loren Heal Sun, May 27 2012 21:46:22

Part of being the adult in the room is behaving well in the face of childishness.

That’s all part of being a conservative, really. We are the adults. God knows, someone has to see reason, not just emotion.
– Sarah Sun, May 27 2012 21:47:59

Conservatives generally support an individual right to keep and bear arms, and know that an armed individual citizen protecting himself is faster than any “first responder”. But we want our government to protect the upright against the wicked. Abusing the trust of law enforcement with false 9-1-1 calls flies in the face of all of that.  As Twitter user @Pablo4200 put it:

No, swatting shows an utter disrespect for police and wastes taxpayer resources. It’s not civil or safe. Not a righty thing to do.
– @Pablo4200 Sun, May 27 2012 21:49:03

Swatting is foolish and violates federal law. It is a new leftist tactic in the war between new media conservatives and the Democrat Media Complex. We must use every legal means to oppose it.