Category Error? Never Heard of Such a Thing

If this is the kind of dishonest political ad we can expect from the President, and it is, we bloggers are going to have a fun election season.

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Piers Morgan of CNN had on National Review’s Jonah Goldberg to discuss Goldberg’s new book, Tyranny of Cliches.


The trouble with the premise of the ad is that Mitt Romney didn’t say he wouldn’t want to get Bin Laden if we knew where he was. Romney said that you don’t fight a war to get one guy.

The Romney campaign argues that his 2007 comments about “not moving heaven and earth” to get bin Laden are being unfairly twisted by the president, that the full context indicates that he was saying the war against the extremist Islamist movement was bigger than just one man – not that he wouldn’t go after that one man.

The problem, as Goldberg indicates in the interview, is that the question of whether you fight a war to get one guy is different from the question of whether you want to get that one guy if it doesn’t require going to war to do it.

It’s time for conservatives and Republicans to realize they are not going to get fair treatment by the corrupt media any more, and not to expect it.

Still and all, Goldberg more than held his own against the corrupt and intellectually inept Morgan. He has no reason to be embarrassed, except for the sin of believing he was dealing with an honest interviewer.