What Is Politico Hiding?

When did Jonathan Martin of Politico stop beating his wife? Frankly, it hasn’t been established that Jonathan Martin of Politico has ever completely stopped beating his wife.

If Jonathan Martin of Politico ever stops beating his wife, I think the public has a right to know about it.

I’m only pretty sure none of Jonathan Martin’s dog fighting took place in the United States.

I’m very sure we’ll all be shocked when the full extent of Jonathan Martin’s dog fighting and child slavery involvement is finally revealed.

Now, I’m not saying that Jonathan Martin is a child pornographer, but to my knowledge he has never denied it.


Maybe Politico isn’t attacking @TheHermanCain so viciously because he’s a black conservative, but just because he’s a Republican. Along with pigs flying, that also is possible.

What is clear is that Politico’s attack on Cain is a high-tech lynching:

As R. Stacy McCain notes:

The basic problem is that, absent a court proceeding, “harassment” is an accusation impossible to refute. And if you can get tens of thousands of dollars in “go-away” money by making such an accusation, hell, why not?

So just like Anita Hill, a he-said-she-said smear will, in some minds, stick.

Which is the point.