American Dream, Marxist Nightmare

The Tea Parties and Occupy movements demonstrate two competing world views.

In one, America is a shining city on a hill, a market-powered engine built on great ideas, the first of which enshrines for us the freedom to do with our lives what we will and to do as we wish with the property we accumulate as a result of doing it.

In another view, America oppresses unwilling wage slaves into toiling in a dark wasteland, suffering the humiliation of knowing that someone else has it better than they do.

Below the fold you will discover that it was not always so.

At one time we shared a common vision. Before the Marxists invaded our government and the education system it forces on us, we knew that if we became divided by the arbitrary assignment of class or race, we would succumb to the second vision and in the process create the horror it envisions.


We can’t wait for the America that understood the truth of that video to be firmly in control again.

h/t to ORLibertyGal


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