Wisconsin Conservatives: Vote Democrat

If you are a conservative in Wisconsin, you have a great opportunity Tuesday to nudge the Wisconsin Democratic Party toward more rational, pro-Wisconsin ideas

Wisconsin is a wonderful state. Like Illinois, Michigan, and other Midwestern states, Wisconsin is split politically between urban liberals and rural conservatives. In the past the liberals in Madison and Milwaukee held sway; but lately the conservatives have reasserted themselves.

But with that reassertion, as Governor Walker told the corrupt union bosses where to go and how to get there, there has come some push-back. Hotheaded union activists are unhappy that the Governor and legislature saved teacher jobs by taking away from the union bosses the right to control the classroom. So we have this recall election.

But if you have a recall, you also need to know who is going to replace the recalled incumbent should they lose.

I know it’s crazy, but the Dems actually pushed through an open primary system when they were in power, so that anyone can vote in any party’s primary.

The Republicans are running unopposed, so there is no reason for you to vote in the Republican primary.

But on the Democratic side, the following candidates could use your vote:

Senate District Pro-Wisconsin candidate
2 Otto Junkerman
8 Gladys Huber
10 Isaac Weix
14 Rol Church
18 John Buckstaff
32 James Smi

These conservatives are doing their part. It’s time for you to do yours. Or you’ll get more of this: