Socrates no more.

Five years ago this month I began posting on Redstate.  I think it was already redstate.com then, although I may have come in on the tail of redstate.org.  Erick was just another user; talented, but no more than many others present.  He was still practicing law then, you see. 

Everyone had these wicked cool usernames, like ‘Tacitus’, ‘Plato’ and ‘Nick Danger’. Since I loved the classics growing up, as on a whim I chose the name ‘Socrates’.  One by one they all switched or moved on. 

But one can’t post as Socrates and be silly, or argue badly.  It wouldn’t do.  There was something about seeing that name there that made me want to write a certain way.

And it has to end.

The site drama over the last few days hit me hard.

To be honest, I didn’t particularly like Vassar’s writing style. But it was worth wading through it for the conservativvy goodness of his content.

It stunned me that he was summarily banned without explanation.  Was I next?  As it happened my browser or the site had a glitch that morning and said my username didn’t exist.  I persevered and found that I could log in, but the thought had been planted.

The more I thought about things, the more difficult it was for me to continue on as if nothing had happened.  I was determined not to withdraw, but I didn’t feel like writing anything. 

So this step occurred to me, and it seems that yes, it’s time to put away this attachment to the old days.