That's Who Should Be In Congress

The Gawker October Sleazing has so many holes in it I hesitated even to bring it up. I won’t link to it. You can find it. It’s creepy, and you should tell yourself “No”.

So I won’t get into the nitty gritty details of what is alleged to have happened, except to say that as little as there is holding the story together, even at face value one thing stands out.

It doesn’t really stand out that this fellow lacked even the courage to give his name. I only noticed at the end of the story when there was no name attached. The cowardly author, Dustin Dominiak, was afraid of the limelight. Christine O’Donnell, on the other hand, has been the focus of a large portion of the media apparatus and amateur journalist Internet for what must seem to her an eternity. And Dustin Dominiak was about to heap it on.

While it’s hardly honorable, for a man to imply that he turned a woman down is not that unusual. Aesop called it “sour grapes”. It is a little odd that Dustin Dominiak claims he turned her down because she was about to say “No”. Oh a man might feel guilty for taking advantage of a drunk woman and refuse to take advantage of her, but that’s not what Dustin Dominiak claims happened here.

No, what happened here, if events are as described, is that Christine O’Donnell, drunk as a skunk and at the very pinpoint of temptation, said “No”. Even at her weakest, according to her worst accuser, she was strong enough not to allow herself forbidden pleasure since it would have meant turning her back on her principles.

That’s who should be in Congress.