Cedra Crenshaw, Illinois State Senator

I admit to being a little late to the Cedra Crenshaw party. But here’s a lady who gets it.

Cedra is simply one mom who has had enough of the waste, corruption and mismanagement in Springfield. She is one mom versus the machine, a machine that has decimated Illinois with deficit spending, job killing taxes and fees, onerous regulations, and a culture of corruption that has made Illinois a national disgrace.

Social conservatives, never fear. Cedra is pro-life and says the right to keep and bear arms is an individual one.

Cedra Crenshaw and family
Cedra is a mom whose instincts to protect her children have kicked into high gear.

She’s Tea Party activist and conservative Precinct Committeeman running to defeat big-taxer machine politician Al Wilhelmi in the Illinois 43rd Senate District. That machine tried to use a … creative interpretation of Illinois election law to get her name removed from the ballot after she’d won the primary.

Here’s a poster she’s putting out for Holloween:

Video of Cedra speaking to the Will County Tea Party Alliance (courtesy Breitbart) below the fold.