Bill Brady Gets Praise from Jindal, McDonnell, and Barbour

The governors of Mississippi, Virginia, and Louisiana came to a simple suburban Tea Party Wednesday night to shout out their support for the Republican candidate for Illinois governor, Bill Brady. Brady has a solid lead over Democrat Pat Quinn in the polls, but the theme of the evening was to take nothing for granted.

The event was put on by the (suburban Chicago) Will County Tea Party Alliance, and also featured IL-11 candidate Adam Kinzinger and also the terrific Cedra Crenshaw, who is running — fully on the ballot — for State Senate.

The atmosphere was electric, with the crowd packed into the indoor soccer field. They waved Brady placards as speaker after speaker urged them to get out the vote on November 2 to put Bill Brady into the Governor’s mansion.

The Governor’s mansion in Springfield has been symbolic of the Blagojevich-Quinn era in Illinois, as neither man chose to live there. Instead, they have flown home to Chicago — even at times during the legislative sessions — at taxpayer expense. Just the mention of the Governor’s mansion causes Illinois voters to narrow their eyes and set their jaws.

Thanks to Illinois Review for the compilation of remarks from the governors in support of their future colleague Bill Brady.

Air Force war veteran Kinzinger took the stage after the governors. Folks, I’ve seen a lot of politicians lately, but this guy is dynamite. And judging by the polls, it’s not just Redstaters and Tea Partiers who agree.

Kinzinger is running against phony Blue Dog Debbie Halvorson, whose votes for the Obama-Pelosi agenda did not please her constituents.

The Sun from nearby Plainfield notes:

Two years ago, [Dean] Gaffney voted for Halvorson, hoping she would exhibit independence from the House Democratic caucus. While she voted with Republicans enough to earn the distinction of “eighth most centrist member of Congress” from a nonpartisan Washington, D.C., magazine, she voted with her party on the most controversial packages of the past two years, including health care reform and the stimulus bill.

As a result, she lost Gaffney’s support and is trailing in recent polls against Republican newcomer Adam Kinzinger, of Manteno. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee decided this week against a last-minute investment in Halvorson’s campaign, indicating concern she can’t win.

But Illinois Republicans are taking nothing for granted. They all spoke of a weekend filled with phone banks, precinct walks, and anticipation — but there was not a satisfied smirk to be found.

They know that Tuesday is just the beginning.