Good Ol' Roy Barnes -- Obama Democrat for Georgia Governor

Good Ol’ Roy Barnes is running for Governor of Georgia. A Democrat, Barnes would be a lapdog for Barack Obama and the Democrats in Washington, DC. Rather than protecting the interests of Georgia, Ol’ Roy would serve the special interests who are backing his campaign.

Ol’ Roy is against lower taxes.

Keep in mind, when he says he wants to close loopholes what he’s really saying is he wants to raise taxes:

When I first came to the General Assembly, there were only a handful of exemptions to the sales tax and income tax. Over the past several years, special interests under the Gold Dome have received tax breaks that only benefit them, and, as a result, we have eroded our tax base. Special-interest tax cuts are costing the state between $400 million and $800 million per year, and as governor I will stop these special-interest exemptions, …

Ol’ Roy is against cutting spending.

The education budget is a big chunk of state spending, and the biggest chunk of that is teacher pay. While we all want quality schools for our children, throwing money at the teacher’s unions is not the way to get it. In these tough times, everyone but the teachers’ unions seems to have to sacrifice.

… restore the cuts to K-12, and ensure that our teachers are receiving the pay they deserve.

Ol’ Roy is against a free economy.

As a member of the Democratic Governor’s Association, he supports an economic model in which government tinkers with the economy by giving businesses incentives, picking winners and losers based on the desires of their Big Union and
Big Green allies. It’s the same old Obama model, and it’s not working.

Ol’ Roy is for killing the unborn.

He used to be pro-life. But then he “matured”, and realized that while some human life is important, it’s more important to kill some other people he and his Washington handlers consider inconvenient.

This message was not paid for by anyone. I’m not paid to do political messaging, either directly or with a promise of later favor.

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