It's Time.

We all like to think we’re the smartest one in the room. For the next 7 weeks, it’s time not to let it show.

I was a supporter of Christine O’Donnell in the Delaware Republican Senate primary.  Yet on election night, immediately after the polls closed, I tweeted this:

With 0.00% of Delaware precincts reporting, I endorse the winner of the Republican #DESen primary. #tcot

I didn’t know who would win. I realized that one battle was over, and another one beginning.

It’s time to support the Republican in every race, whether the runniest of RINOs or the most doctrinaire paleoconservative.

It’s time to be a grownup.  It isn’t time to display your intellectual consistency, or be imprisoned by it.  It isn’t about you any more.  It’s about winning, not throwing a tantrum because you can’t have the toy you wanted.

It’s time to stop to stop saying “Republican nominee X must be more conservative”. Support those you can support — or shut your yap.

It’s time to stop to stop saying “Republican nominee X can’t win in the general”. We’re in the general election now. Your options are to offer support for a given campaign, or to offer silence.

It is no longer the time to point out the flaws in our candidates.  It’s time to point out the flaws in theirs.

It’s time now to beat the Marxists.