Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor

How serious is our situation?
Taxed Enough Already
Some would say not very serious at all. “The TEA Party cavalry has arrived, see look at this poll, and Republicans are going to retake the House. And the Senate.” Well, one of them, surely, or at least enough seats in the Senate that government will only grow by leaps, not leaps and bounds. Hardly anything to fret about.

Friends, do not accept this lazy frame of mind.

Conservatives outnumber liberals in America by a ratio of about two to one. Why is there even a contest on election day? Because we have become lazy. We have heard that our founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor — and have been inspired to watch football from the couch.

The Marxists in charge of the labor unions, meanwhile, have community organized into a well-greased machine.  They extract money from their members, using that money, the promise of reward, and all manner of threats both implicit and explicit to get union members to be their boots on the ground to elect Democrats. (Video: AFL-CIO, via YouTube)

But this year is different, you say?  We have polls!  We have talk shows!  We have Twitter and the blogs!

  • Opinion polls do not win elections. Real people going to the ballot box and voting for Republicans win elections.
  • Talk show hosts do not win elections. Republican precinct workers knocking on doors and handing out signs win elections.
  • Bloggers do not win elections. Real people, humble enough to give their elderly conservative neighbors a ride to the polling place — that wins elections.

Last year, after the first Redstate Gathering, I wrote about taking a second job delivering pizza, to pay down some personal debt at the rate of a few hundred dollars a month. That’s proceeding, but not complete. Wait, what does that have to do with winning elections?

I have taken the next two months off of that job, to devote this part of my life to electing Republicans to office.  I will do it through Redstate, through the Concord Project, and in my local precinct.

Will it be enough?  I don’t know.  But all I can do is to pledge this portion of my life, what little fortune I have, and my public reputation in support of this effort.

Because the Marxists have had their day, and now we’re coming for them.