Is That All You've Got, Democrats?

Democrats have been reading their own press clippings for so long, and have for so long been accustomed to Americans reading and internalizing the leftist spin on things, that they don’t yet understand the world of hurt they’re in.

And so it was with great glee that I read their Great Plan for holding on to power.  They’re going to try to scare voters by telling them that Republicans want just what the voters do. And I’m glad Rep. Michele Bachmann agrees in general, if not in the particulars I lay out below.

Read on the details of why I’m so happy that this is the best they’ve got.

So what are the planks in this anti-platform?

  1. Repeal Health Insurance Reform
  2. This must refer to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, which remains unpopular. A majority of Americans continue to favor its repeal. But the Democrats can’t understand why.

    The reasons are many. Philosophically it is fundamentally un-American to force people to buy a product, and without the coerced purchase of health insurance, the economics of ObamaCare explode even more quickly than they will. The process by which it was passed still chafes. But it may be the practical aspects that are most alarming to people. The prospect of having access to health insurance, but no job because employers are shutting their doors, seems to concern people who would rather work than be pets on the government dole.

  3. Privatize Social Security or Get Rid of It
  4. Oooh, the scary third rail. Guess what, Dems: there’s a new third rail, and it’s you.

    Most people don’t believe Social Security will be there by the time it’s their turn. The only question is what, if anything, will replace it.

    Social Security is structured as possibly the stupidest retirement plan ever devised. Rather than helping individuals save for their own retirement with the magic of compound interest, Social Security actually pays current retirees with borrowed money, which must be paid back at interest.

    So some kind of phase-out of the Ponzi scheme is in order. The real issue is whether we phase it out in a way that protects those who, through age or infirmity, cannot reasonably save for their own retirement cushion.

  5. End Medicare as it Presently Exists
  6. ObamaCare has already done that. Which is it, Dems? Do you want ObamaCare, with its $500 billion in Medicare cuts, its Berwickian death panels, and shifting of care from the elderly and infirm to the young and lazy? Or do you want to keep Medicare?

  7. Extend the Bush Tax Breaks for the Wealthy and Big Oil
  8. This Big Lie stuff with the Bush tax cuts is really amazing. Those were across the board tax cuts — going to everyone who paid taxes. I got one. Why would I begrudge Exxon or its CEO something I got?

    Democrats have gone whole hog for class warfare, telling people to hate the wealthy rather than admire them and to be suspicious of profit rather than to be honest in its attainment. That Marxist ideology has to be stopped, and it can only be stopped by the utter defeat at the ballot box of those who employ it.

  9. Repeal Wall Street Reform
  10. You didn’t reform Wall Street. You made it more difficult for ordinary people to borrow money, on the belief that people are too stupid to avoid borrowing more than they can afford to repay. But you’re closing the barn door after the horse has run off, because people have already learned that lesson and are climbing out of debt all by themselves.

  11. Protect Those Responsible for the Oil Spill
  12. Fiddlesticks. We just don’t want to be the next victim of a government protection racket.

  13. Abolish the Department of Education
  14. In a heartbeat.

    The Department of Education, whether in its No Child Left Behind or the current schemes of Arne Duncan, is too remote and unwieldy to determine the best method of educating a diverse nation. Rank-and-file educators know this, even if their union bosses do not.

    This Department, begun during Reconstruction by stupid liberal Republicans, has no Constitutional basis for existence.

    Education is best performed by the people closest to the student: parents, local districts, and nearby private institutions. The states have ample expertise, funding, and motivation to perform any oversight needed.

  15. Abolish the Department of Energy
  16. Hey, that’s a great idea.  The DoE does nothing to produce energy, and everything to keep it from being produced.

  17. Abolish the Environmental Protection Agency
  18. There is a Federal role in protecting the environment, but the EPA has gotten way too intrusive. Our society has turned a corner, making such scrutiny unnecessary and counterproductive. The EPA needs to be scaled way back, and the only way to do that may be to close it down and start afresh.

  19. Repeal the 17th Amendment (ending direct election of U.S. Senators)
  20. Senators are supposed to represent their states. With a six-year term, there is way too much time for Senators to get to Washington and go native. A Senator chosen in the statehouse, with the long-term personal relationships that choice would require, is much more likely to be loyal to his or her state, and not become a creature of the Beltway.

    The encroachment of Federal power began in earnest when the states gave up their right to determine how Senators are selected. If states want a popular election for Senator, they should have one. But if the people of a state, through their legislature, want to search for the best person for the job, then a popular election is probably not the way to go.

Most Americans agree with these points, or if not, they know that A) the current direction is not working and B) Republicans are not likely to get this all done with Obama in the White House anyway.

So while some of the items on this list will scare RINOs and incumbents, Democrats should just get used to hearing about them. Because these are the things we’re going to be talking about once we retake Congress this year and the White House in 2012.