Freeze the Target

In response to the Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United v FEC, Democrats in Congress have come up with a new way to ensure the power of incumbent Democrats: the DISCLOSE Act. It is designed to make it easier for union thugs to intimidate, vilify, and silence their opposition.

When two student reporters asked Congressman Bob Etheridge (D,NC-2) if he fully supported the Obama agenda, his response was “Who’re you?”

So as his fellow Democrats shoved the DISLOSE Act (pdf via Election Law Blog) upon an unwilling citizenry, Bully Bob supported it.

The entire House of Representatives has now said to the American people, “Who’re you?”

The Act responds to the Supreme Court striking down restrictions on political speech by placing even more onerous restrictions on political speech.

A key feature of the DISCLOSE Act is that is will force the chief executives of corporate speakers to be identified, and their faces featured, in politcal ads.  So to express the views of the corporations which they head, whether or not the executive personally shares those views, is to be open to this:

This is an Intolerable Act. All Republicans should oppose it. All believers in free speech should oppose it. All believers in the rule of law, rather than the rule of the mob, should oppose it.

“Who’re you”, you ask? None of your business.

P.S. Renee Ellmers is the Republican running against the thug Etheridge in NC-2.