7 Reasons Why Nomentum Will Continue to November and Beyond

Many are predicting that opposition to the national socialist party going on in Washington, DC, will fail to continue until the November elections.  The public is fickle and of short memory, and political fever is hard to maintain.

But opposition to the nationalization of industry after industry will only grow stronger.  Here are several reasons why:

  1. It’s not just about the socialist health insurance takeover. A long train of usurpations starting with TARP and continuing with the phony stimulus package, cap and trade, bans on oil drilling, the car maker purchases, continued with the socialist health insurance scheme.  We see a trend.
  2. Attention will not fade.  As with the National Health Service in Great Britain and in other nations with some form of governmental health care monopoly, medical care will dominate our political conversation unless and until Obamacare, the Compulsory Insurance Act, is repealed.
  3. President Obama will not stop talking about the benefits of socialism and the Compulsory Insurance Act until after he is out of office.  If then.
  4. Radio talk show and cable news outlets will not stop talking about the little-known effects of the Compulsory Insurance Act or the other wickedness coming from Washington.  Every few days for the next several months, a new outrage tucked away in a corner of the Act or the Administration will be revealed, red meat to an increasingly hostile public.
  5. The parade of intolerable acts will continue with a push for illegal alien amnesty, a bailout and takeover of local schools dubbed “Education Reform”, and, as summer hits, a renewed push to fight nonexistent global warming.
  6. Candidates for the House and Senate will be running against the long train of usurpations, and advertising against it.  Only now they’ll be joined by corporations eager to remain corporate.
  7. The economy will continue its limp response to the triplets of taxation, regulation, and demonization which the socialists will put on it.

I don’t know how long this will last.  We may be seeing a resurgence of traditional American values to swing the pendulum away from the postmodern socialism that has a temporary hold on Washington.  We may be seeing the start of a second revolution, literal or figurative, violent or not, to restore the first.

But I do know that we’re not done.  We’ve only just begun.