Illinois Republican Chairman Says Base is a "Fringe Movement"

In a media conference call Wednesday, Illinois GOP Chair Pat Brady called the opposition to US Senate candidate Rep. Mark Kirk a ‘fringe movement.’ This outrageous claim shows how out of touch with the American people the Republican Party leadership has become. Pat Brady must resign as head of the Illinois Republican Party.

“The split … I don’t really accept the premise [that the ILGOP is divided],” Brady said. “The ‘Dump Kirk’ movement is a fringe movement. There’s not one candidate that’s pulled above 5 percent except Mark Kirk. So if there’s a split, it’s sure not a strong of people saying they’re not going to come out and vote. Mark Kirk has a substantial lead, and none of these guys are pulling more than five percent. So, I agree, it’s bad if we’re not unified, but this year, what we’re seeing is a very unified Republican Party.”

Unified?  We’re united in our opposition to Mark Kirk, if anything.

The national conservative movement was the driving force behind Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts on Tuesday. Commenting in a release, Kirk’s opponent Patrick Hughes said:

This movement, which is growing strong in Illinois and behind my campaign, is fueled by discontent with the leadership within Washington and within the Republican Party. Voters are tired of being told what candidates are best for them. Establishment groups and leaders like Pat Brady believe they can speak on behalf of voters better than they can speak for themselves, so they pick “the best candidate” behind closed doors and ignore the democratic primary process.

Resign, Mr. Brady. For party unity.

Gone 2500 years, still not PC.